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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yes, I Know

Yes, I know I have posted anything in a long time. I keep meaning to write something, then I get distracted by something shiny. Usually, it's something work related. My new boss is a real slave driver. Oh wait, that's me. I guess I need to have a staff meeting with myself.

Work is good. It's the same job, but it's a lot less stressful now. The pay isn't bad, but there are a lot more large expenses to pay. I still have to figure out if I am actually making more money or if I'm just paying more taxes.

The band is still rehearsing. We were supposed to play a short set at a local high school two weeks ago. Then we found out that they had a minimum day that day and no one would be there to listen. We thought it best to reschedule. Now we are playing two full sets at their open house in mid May. We'll have to practice more songs. I'm having a great time with the band. I'm playing bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboards. I'm also doing the vocals on some of the songs. I've discovered there is a HUGE difference between choir singing and rock band singing. there's less control and trying to blend and more putting everything you've got in terms of emotion and energy. It's much harder on the vocal chords. I saw a book on rock singing at the local music store. I think I may need to buy it to keep from hurting myself.

Uh oh. the boss is looking. I'd better get back to work.