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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

10 to 1

It's not the most recent Giants score.

It's not the odds for the King's winning it all this year (those would be higher).

It's the number of bottles of hair stuff I noticed in the shower this morning. Ten bottles of stuff for Mrs. Dirpus' hair. One for mine. They've always been there. I just noticed them this morning and decided I need more reasons for her to get mad at me. That's why I am writing about it here for all the world to see.

To be fair, my bottle is a combination shampoo and conditioner. That makes it 10 to 2.

Why does anyone need that many different kinds of hair cleaner. I'm sure there will be a comment extolling the need for the different products. These are for colored hair. These are for normal hair. These are for dry hair. These smell nice. Whatever. It all ends up as "wah, wah wah, wah wah" to me.

I am SO sleeping on the sofa tonight.

Mrs. Dirpus emailed me a listing for a house. It is much bigger than ours. Because it's in a state that will remain undisclosed, it is selling for less than what we could get for our house. There is no way we will ever move out of (finally) sunny California. But it is interesting to look at this HUGE house and think that we could lower our payments by buying it. I think the reason women need to buy bigger and bigger homes is because they keep needing more room for their hair care products.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tax Freedom Day

Most people define "Tax Freedom Day" as the point in the year where you have earned enough to pay your tax obligation for the year. I think that it is usually some time in May.

I have a different definition. Today is the last day of work for me at my second job preparing other people's income taxes. No more 9-10 days of regular job followed by 3-5 hour nights doing taxes. I'll miss the extra money. My wife won't miss the extra grumpiness brought on by sheer exhaustion and by having to be around people all day (I'm an introvert, people wear me out).

Maybe I'll get the back yard mowed. Of course it will have to STOP RAINING first.


I thought about making this a double post Thursday, but was afraid I might give Mrs. Dirpus a heart attack. I'll just change the subject a little.

Congratulations to Mrs. Dirpus. She managed to get through an entire tax season without catching pneumonia or having to be admitted to the hospital. Nicely done.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Waste of Time

Mrs. Dirpus and I went to CPR training at church on Saturday along with about 30 other people from church. Most of the attendees were at church yesterday and nobody had a heart attack. What a waste of a Saturday. All that training and no one to use for practice.

It's kind of like college. I haven't tried to design a circuit since I graduated. I think I'm detecting a trend. If you don't want something to happen, be prepared for it. If I could only figure out the opposite. How do I get the million dollars without doing anything? If you have the answer be sure to pass it on. I'm sure nobody I know has that answer.