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Monday, November 27, 2006

Good Week

Last week could end up being a good week. At the moment, it seems like it was.

I had two paid holidays.
I helped my daughter build a Mayan pyramid.
I think I got a job offer.
A friend of mine asked if I wanted to audition for a rock band.

The last two happened on the same day. That was a good day. I'm looking forward to the audition this week. The band is a basic garage, rock band made up of local teachers. They play some of the local clubs and community events. My friend was at the local music store, recently, when one of the members was hanging up a flyer about needing a drummer. My friend talked to him for a while and ended up with the gig. He called me last week and said that the band's bass player is going to be gone for six months and would I be interested in auditioning to fill in.


This is what I have been waiting for. I would love a chance to play in a setting where people are listening because they want to, not just because they came to church. I might even get a little money out of it. I could use that to upgrade some of my equipment. I could probably even write it off as a business expense.

I hope this audition goes well. I should probably practice a little. The calluses on my fingertips are almost gone from lack of playing.

Maybe this will be a good week, too.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Crunch Time

I still haven't gotten anything official in writing about the "supposed" new job. I'm gotten some verbal information. They want me to start on December 11th. That means I have to give my two week notice tomorrow, in order to be available on that date. I'm not quitting my current job until I have a WRITTEN commitment on the new one. The last thing I need is to have NO job, because no matter how hard I try not to, quitting my current job will burn a bridge. That's just the way it is. One of my current bosses take it personally when people leave. Even though this boss is always coming down on me, they will still be offended.

Mrs. Dirpus and I have been talking about the stuff that will need to be purchased when I become a self-employed subcontractor. Apparently, I need a whiz bang Mac laptop for her to run my business when I hire her company to provide office management services. I didn't know I needed either of those things. :-) She also thought we might have to get season tickets to the Sacramento Kings basketball team for marketing. The only things I thought I needed was an inexpensive computer and a company car. Something like a BMW, or Porsche.

I'll have to instruct my office manager to watch for that FedEx truck tomorrow and to let me know the moment it arrives. IF it arrives.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Antici - pay - ay - tion

I'm waiting on the next piece of information to add to the document I'm helping write. I've written the front part and I just need the cross reference pieces. All of this part of a proposal we're writing to try to get some more work. If you've been reading along, and you've had plenty of time to catch up, we lost the competition to do our jobs for the next three years. This may all be moot because I think I am going to get an offer from another company. I may not need to worry about the outcome of this proposal work. Since I'm being paid to do it, and because I have coworkers and friends who are depending on this, I still feel an obligation to do my best. I do take SOME pride in my work, even if this isn't my strong point.

So, about this other potential job. It looks like the evil empire will be making me an offer. They basically said so last week when I called to make sure they had received my application. I got a phone call from them today, asking for an electronic copy of my resume. I figure they are making sure their client will accept me before they actually make me the offer. I'm fairly confident the client will be okay with me. I've done work for them before and they liked me.
This may be trouble for the new company, though. I think they are under the gun to get their staff lined up. I would think they would want to make sure they can hire me before they make any commitments to their customers. I might have a much better negotiating position if they really, really, REALLY need me.

Yeah baby, Cha-ching$$$

What should I ask for?
  • Stock options?

  • A condo in Hawaii?

  • Twelve weeks of vacation per year?

  • Maybe I'll just have to settle for a "goat load" (inside joke, sorry) of cash.

  • Can you say Porsche?

It sure will be nice to get this settled.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yeah, I Know

I haven't written anything for a month. I've been busy trying to find out where I'm going to be working in beginning in early December. I'm a little stressed. I'll post again after things settle down.